Welcome to coco corporate

Our corporate team will handle all your financial affairs and ensure that your personal and work lifestyles perform optimally. While our creative team conceptualises, creates and communicates in order for your brand to develop a premium voice in the market.




Our services outlined below are designed to provide you with a business solution that is sustainable, feasible and effective. Get in touch with us on how we can customise our offerings for your individual and/or business requirements. 

Otherwise known as ‘Personal Assistant’ or ‘Executive Operations’, this service provides administrative support in various forms, ensuring that Executives make the best use of their invaluable time. This is a potential solution for Executives to streamline both their personal and professional lives.

Otherwise known as an ‘Officer of the Company’, this service allows the Board of Directors and Shareholders of a company to have peace of mind, knowing that their legal requirements, important filing, amendments to the Board, corporate governance, etc. are professionally taken care of.

Being the language of business, accounting plays a critical role in ensuring your business’ success. Let us assist you in staying on top of the numbers, filing and corporate compliance and implement the controls needed to ensure you increase your profitability.

Ensure the safety of your employees and protect your business by allowing us to assist you with Human Resource and Payroll tasks. This role allows our team to mitigate and manage risks, allowing for an equitable working environment.

Bring your vision to life with the use of our Graphic Designers. Whether it be social media posts, a company rebrand or stationary designs, we will assist you in ensuring that your brand is visually strong so that your identity can be excellently defined.

Ensure that your brand message reaches your clientele effectively with the use of our Communication Team.  We believe that by failing to plan, you plan to fail, so all of our communication strategies echo this. Allow us to take your customers on a journey by utilising appropriate communication and marketing platforms and tools to translate your vision.



Coco Corporate was developed to help solve the never ending struggle of not having enough hours in the day. Business owners, of both established and start- up companies, can easily find themselves caught up in the urgent matters, while the important ones remain at bay. However, the investment cost of full-time employees doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

We decided to create something new with a specific goal in mind: to develop a complete solution where all lifestyle, corporate and creative needs are met.


We run Packages, Optional Add-Ons, as well as tailor Bespoke Services to meet your needs.


40 hours per month (quarter day).


80 hours per month (half day).


150 hours per month (full day). 

Rose Gold

Permanent Placement.



24/hour online phone support.


Client visits and on-site meetings.


Tasks that include driving.


The unique combination of both analytical and artistic skills have allowed us to create a complete solution in order to equip business leaders and empower entrepreneurs.